Sunday, August 28, 2011

OffTopical Ep 19: iTuning In

Our heroes check their voicemail after finally making the leap to iTunes. Sponsors include the Chemical Gamble Corporation, New episodes of: Worst places to burn the Flag and Awkward party moments. Brent and Rosco make a fatal error in judgement. Topics include: Roscoe's Rants, favorite movies, Conan review, and getting to know the panel. All this and an endearing moment when a Father teaches his son about Billy Idol. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

OffTopical Ep 18: Puppet Modcast

Kermie the Frog croaks while the Tea Party burns down a certain famous street. In this OffTopical Podcast, a special puppet theme!! From Mel Gibson's The Beaver stopping by for an interview, to a special edition of Crossballs starring Taintslap and the Cougar. Topics, skit comedy, and constant apologies make for sweet podcast action. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to OffTopical Street?

OffTopical Ep 17: Leftovers

The OffTopical Guys, left without a theme- decide to dig deep in the ole sketch books and bring you some random and cut skits from the past 16 episodes. As always: Topics, skits, Trivia, and poor taste humor. Lets open the fridge and see what we come up with!

OffTopical Ep 16: Clip Notes

Thanks to Rosco being selfish by spending time with his newborn son, (congrats), Christopher Walken and several other guest celebrities host a special clip show of OffTopical skits and commercials. Is it a copout? Yep- but still really funny. If you have never listened before, this is probably a good place to start.

OffTopical Ep 15: Law & Order Humorous Intent

Where Detectives Benson, Stabler and Ice T arrest Morgan and J Partridge for indecent nerdery in public. The court of OffTopical is in session. As always: Topics, Skits, and a little bit of torture. Morgan says you can't handle the truth...Check out one of our highest rated episodes!

OffTopical Ep 14: Dallas Comic Con

OffTopical dresses up like Stargate SG1 (Rosco is Sam  Carter!) and rides the wormhole all the way to Dallas Comic Con where they meet Alias/Stargate/LA Noir star Alexis Cruz, Crow creator James O'Bar, and DMZ and 99 Days comic guru Kristian Donaldson. Check out our photos on our OffTopical Flicker Stream!

OffTopical Ep 13: Judgement Day

In which the OffTopical panel joins the resistance after SkyNet drops Judgement Day like it is hot. We have an accident with John Connor, SkyNet Personal Navigation System, Taintslap and the Cougar in the Holocaust, and much more. All the Topics, skits, humor and trivia you come to expect from us- and we plan to bring you. We have only one question: Are you Sarah Connor?

OffTopical Ep 12: Han Strikes First

In our first all Star Wars episode of OffTopical, Emperor Palpatine tries to sell you a car and meets his new apprentice. Adm. Akbar's got something to sell you, Vader is really good management material and all the Topics and poor taste humor you come to expect from us. Stormtroopers with PTSD, and the famous Cantina Sketch. May the Force be with you, mostly.

OffTopical Ep 11: Podcast Killed the Radio Star

The OffTopical panel once again brings you the best in Topics, Skit Comedy, and the Cougar gone Karaoke. Where Ben Gleck really had it coming for his paranoid fear based ranting crap. Senior Contributor J Partridge makes his first appearance with a Crossed review. Our panel again delves into their own insecurities like a bunch of bulimic girls. All that, and all the taste you come to expect from OffTopical Podcast.

OffTopical Ep 10: Ask Dr. Frank

In one of our most popular episodes, Dr. Frank (yes, he is a real Doctor) joins the OffTopical Panel and his own radio show excerpts. He answers questions from the OffTopical audience and helps the panel usher in a new era of mental health by discussing Disorders and the need to understand medication. He also has a very dirty sense of humor.

OffTopical Ep 9: A Comic Conversation

One of the best intros in OffTopical history drags you screaming into Podcasty goodness. Our Heros knock around the Best Graphic Novel ever question, Professional Ethics, what superpowers do you want?, how might your life have been different? All that and an epic Top Dork Challenge.

OffTopical Ep 8: With the Foul Filth

OffTopical brings you the Cosby show and our heroes try to clean up their act. Brought to you by Shillete: the Best a Goth can Get!! Topics: Jailbreak, is an exact copy of, Celebrities read the Bible, Internet Trolls, and the stupidity of trying to Clean up Mark Twain's Huck Finn. And, Finally- Top Dork

OffTopical Ep 7: The 40K Extravaganza

Where Brent scores an interview with GW Legal, and all 40K episode!! John Madden Commentary on 40K Tournament, most influential band of our generation, Autism vaccine (get vaccinated, please. they work), MAJOR announcement from Roscoe. And...TOP DORK!! More podcast than your girly earbuds can handle.

OffTopical Ep 6: The Final Frontier

Our heros start off with Star Trek the Next Generation, Troi is busy of course. Topics include: Muslim Sitcom, Western European Western Movie Review (Mary Poppins gets shot in the Pillowy Funbags), SpaceCop the Musical, Wichita Falls Online Community College, and TOP DORK!!

OffTopical Ep 5: Fifth Base

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets 5th Base again. In episode 5, our heros bring you shameless plugs, backlash, Topics include: Invasive security at the Airport, the guys build the worst super hero teams EVER, and concealed carry license. All that and TOP DORK!!! Now it puts the lotion in the basket.

OffTopical Ep 4: A False Hope

Things start out Heavy with the Shameless Plug of Lycergus, check em out on itunes. Our heros discuss the Tea Party, OffTopical takes a stand on Gay Marriage, Decency on TV, Best ModernVideo Game (Mass Effect & Fallout Vegas review)- the guys get pissed off about the Guidebook for Pedophile and the corporate greed that allows it to be sold. We also discuss our fears...that and more on Episode 4!!!!

OffTopical Ep 3: One Zombie Hill

In the Special Halloween edition of OffTopical, Taintslap and the Cougar in the Morning only on 108.8 KUNT in the morning interview President Bill Clinton plugs his book "If I f@ked her, here is how". Our heros decide the sexiest costume and scariest movie, and Brent's stalker is unmasked. Topics: How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Scariest Video Game, worst thing to do in a horror movie, and TOP DORK!!!

OffTopical Ep 2: Second Date

Episode 2 Apparently we are bringing sexy intros back. Backlash Topic: Sharia Law, Mayan Calendar, Palin Hotness/simpleton spectrum, The Cabins at Arrowhead Lake- where seclusion is crucial. How to Kill Superman, Academics, Book Review, and the NFL. Hows that for random? And Top Dork, where Buffy brings the pain. Won't you join us again next time?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

OffTopical Ep 1 Attainable Girl

In the very first Episode of OffTopical Podcast: Attainable Girl, you meet our heros: Joshman, Brent, Rosco, and Morgan. Topics include Medal of Honor recipient, Dave Matthews mockery, take a trip to the Cabins at Arrowhead Lakes (your last trip) meet Taintslap and the Cougar only on 108.8 KUNT in the morning drivetime, and SPACECOP!!!