Friday, June 29, 2012

OffTopical Ep 32: Action 7 News

This just in: Our heroes return in prime time to bring you Action 7 News. Skits include: Blade Runner II: Even Bladier, Lil John Tea Cozies, Robo Comment Trolls, and more! Topics Include: Norway Prison, Zombie News Stories, and Open Carry at the Polls. All this and a special interview with Taintslap's inspiration: KEITH VAUGHN!!! Follow us on Twitter @offtopicalpod Send feedback to OffTopical Podcast: Where intelligent discourse goes to die. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

OffTopical Ep 31: Dallas Comic Con 2012

Our evil space heroes return from Dallas Comic Con 2012 having attended as Mirror Mirror (evil) Spock, Kirk, and Redshirts to tell of their exploits. Topics include: A review of Dallas Comic Con, Star Struck by Summer Glau, Patrick Stewart Q & A, and an interview with Kristian Donaldson of 99 Days and Massive fame. Skits include Country Meth Kitchen, American Werewolf in Texas, and Choose your own Adventure audio books. Follow us on Twitter @offtopicalpod and check out all we have to offer at