Saturday, January 26, 2013

OffTopical Sparetime Sessions: Half Cast

Joshman and Rosco are missing in action, so the OffTopical Brothers throw together a very special Sparetime Session including: Admiral Ackbar-attourney at law, Bolt Firearms Sponsor, and Democrats for Informative Car Knowledge or DICKS. Topics include Blogging gone horribly wrong and How to change a mind. Follow us on twitter @offtopicalpod and leave 5 star written reviews for us on iTunes. We could also really use more listeners of Stitcher.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

OffTopical Ep 38: The Brent That Stole Christmas

The cast returns with a special Guest- Mike! Father of Morgan and Brent! This holiday themed episode includes skits such as Country Meth Kitchen, OffTopical Christmas Party, and Disney's Space Cop. Topics include Steriods in sports, the Fiscal Cliff, and favorite weapons. Follow us on twitter @offtopicalpod and we could REALLY use some 5 star reviews on iTunes. Check us out on Stitcher as well.