Sunday, July 29, 2012

OffTopical Ep 33: 2012 Olympic Special

OffTopical, the full cast, returns in Episode 33 where we discuss the Chick Fil A gay marriage stance (pun intended), the news in 60 seconds with Joshman, the 2012 Olympics (kinda), and a game review of Heroes of Ruin on 3DS by Rosco. Also, this episode welcomes the triumphant return of Top Dork Batman Edition! As always, Skit Comedy including: Taintslap and the Cougar at the 2012 Olympics in London, Price is Right Celebrity Edition, and guess which Podcaster has no clothes. Follow us on twitter @offtopicalpod where we live tweet every episode, record a voice memo on your phone and email it where we will respond to your comment or question live on the next episode!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

OffTopical Sparetime Sessions 1

In an effort to keep our audience from withdrawals, OffTopical Podcast introduces our new Sparetime Sessions! Where whatever OffTopical Panelists that are available give you a short show to tide you over until the next full episode you have come to love. In this episode, Joshman and Morgan discuss Dirty Jobs as well as heirloom etiquette. Skits include: Christian and Letters From War. The BCB World Service also steps in to keep you informed as well as amused. Follow us on Twitter @offtopicalpod and send feedback to where we will respond to you on the next show!!