Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OffTopical Ep 23: It Hurts To Be Dead Interview

Our Heroes return with a bonus episode, an interview with the up and coming band: It Hurts To Be Dead. Denzel stops by to thank our listeners for posting 5 star written reviews, where each review will be read on air by a celebrity impression. Also check out bonus material like IHTBD songs Macy and Shambles off the new album Not Thinking Clearly, Rock Station Skits, and Top Dork. Follow us on twitter @offtopicalpod and email your voice memo question from your smart phone to to be answered on air during OffTopical Podcast.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

OffTopical Ep 22: Christmas Occupy Wallstreet Kardashian Porn

Our Heroes realize thier new found success on iTunes and Stitcher stems from people searching Keywords from Podcast titles. They are fine with this. OffTopical Ep 22: Christmas Occupy Wallstreet Kardashian Porn. Where our heroes discuss The Occupy Movement, Insurrection, Reality television and Tim Tebow. Senior Contributor J Partridge III reviews the DC new 52 and an interview with It Hurts To Be Dead. All this, Top Dork, and skit sponsors for the low price of free. Occupy this Podcast.