Saturday, June 29, 2013

OffTopical EP 46: Back To Basics

OffTopical Podcast returns in true form with in depth discussion of: DOMA and the Supreme Court, NSA Wire Tap, Arron Hernandez Murder, Middle Age & Magnum PI, and the new Xbox and Playstation systems review and preview. Skits include classics like: SpaceCop, Taintslap & the Cougar, and Country Meth Kitchen. Huge thanks to 76th St Podcast Network, happy to be on board! Twitter @offtopicalpod email questions to Facebook 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

OffTopical EP 45: Dallas Comic Con 2013 Part 2

OffTopical returns for Dallas Comic Con 2013 Part 2 where while the others are detained, Morgan talks about the 76th Street Podcast Network and checks in with Broke Rick from Pulloutandrunradio. Then listen to the uncut Tony Amendola and Richard Dean Anderson StarGate SG1 Panel for your earhole pleasure. Skits include: SkyRim the Real Story and Mr. Palpatines Used Cars. Twitter @offtopicalpod email us at with any comments or questions for the show!